EL84 self inverting push pull amp with ECC99 SRPP driver

Simple pushpull el84 PoddWatt like amp.

Simple pushpull el84 PoddWatt like amp.

I like simple and I had been eyeing the simple pp el84 on diyparadise for a while and wanted to build it on my huey chassis. But that chassis had 2 driver holes/sockets (one for each channel). So I decided to loan the PoddWatt SRPP driver.

I used as many resistors as possible from my Huey amp,had the ECC99 in my partsbin and used the 6n14p-ev tubes in lieu of EL84’s.

Just like in the simple pp amp on diyparadise and the PoddWatt I used an LM317 with 15 ohm resistors as the current sink of the tail of the output stage.

Thus this is a blend between the two amps in that I used the ECC99 of the simple pp amp and the SRPP as in the PoddWatt.

Sounds great. Still have to implement the balancing part. To be continued.

Link to a similar design by DHTRob