Salas 6V6 preamplifier / linestage

I’m building my 4P1L linestage on a traditional wooden box with aluminium top plate. This takes time. And even though I have been without linestage for YEARS. I started getting impatient. And wanted to build something quickly. But not so quickly that it would not be fit for permanent use in my main system. The “big” bottle preamplier “concept” has intrigued me for a while now. There are so many who say it is a waste to use a power tube as a preamplifier tube. Who cares in the case of us the diy audio crowd?

So in came the IKEA tray. Which is handsome enough to be used as a chassis. I then scrounged all kinds of spare parts. And started drilling. The IKEA tray is so thin that it is easy to drill and saw but also thin enough so that “complex” drilling is not required. Because simple RCA chassis parts just fit. Especially on the top layer. I had the most problems with the DACT volume control on the front. But 1 minute with the chisel and voila.


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  1. Bas Horneman
    June 15, 2012 at 14:51

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