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IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - Vampire (Audio)

Published on Sep 9, 2019 137,857 views










2019 IZ*ONE Japan 3rd Single「Vampire」

#IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン

  • s kim
    s kim 1 week ago IZ*ONE + Japanese producer = No IZ*ONE + Korean producer = Yes
  • 佢佢channel
    佢佢channel 1 week ago jpop is suck
  • Yan C
    Yan C 1 week ago 佢佢channel izone=/=jpop
  • miyawaki loves kwon
    miyawaki loves kwon 1 week ago @佢佢channel it's not the genre, it's just because of their japanese producers. if you listen to other jpop music, you'll get what i'm trying to say. there ARE jpop songs that are pretty great - amazing, even! all iz*one needs is a good japanese producer and production crew, not necessarily a korean one.
  • 佢佢channel
    佢佢channel 1 week ago @miyawaki loves kwonyea i really don,t like the fat pig (akimoto 秋元康) producer. his style is 80s 90s old school. i do like jrock i think is amazing. but jpop sometime it just make me down. and i just don,t get it why japanese people like his music💩 so much? maybe good for48/46 but for izone...not funny at all
  • Galadriel Arwen
    Galadriel Arwen 1 week ago @佢佢channel perfume >>>>>>>>>>>> kpop
  • Lea Gerboth
    Lea Gerboth 4 days ago @佢佢channel well. IZ*ONE is a part of the 48/46 groups. they are indeed a sister group of AKB and all the others. Plus they are made from a show that existed BECAUSE Aki P made such a huge success with the 48/46 groups and their songs. He Made them popular so that PD48 could even be born. Aki P is an amazing producer. And it all comes to each indivuduals taste in the end. I love their J-Pop songs.
  • ふじまー
    ふじまー 1 week ago 曲次第ではもっと、爆発的に売れるはずなんだよ こんなに才能ある子達なのに勿体無い
  • AoiYukiSoraTsukihanakotoba LuvVioleta*iz
    AoiYukiSoraTsukihanakotoba LuvVioleta*iz 1 week ago First heard :meh 😐 Second heard : ok 👌 Third heard : love it,,,, Hope the mv comes out well 😍
  • 優梨奈。
    優梨奈。 1 week ago 日本ではそれをスルメ曲と呼びます😄👍
  • Wizone Always
    Wizone Always 1 week ago @優梨奈。 lol do u even know what the commenter is saying tho
  • Kevin Ng
    Kevin Ng 1 week ago I really like the song except for the HEY YEYE part.
  • 김아르피
    김아르피 1 week ago Exactly, that part a litle weird
  • Rizaldi Nugroho
    Rizaldi Nugroho 1 week ago almost every "hey yeye" part in japanese idol songs are weird >.< .. may be japanese people prefer something like this(??)
  • Alfredo Lorenzo
    Alfredo Lorenzo 1 week ago Its not a Jpop song without something weird. Its weirdness that make the Jpop is unique XD😂
  • Vermelho 20
    Vermelho 20 1 week ago True2 😂
  • hann
    hann 1 week ago Maybe its better without HeY YEeye:''( no hatee😌
  • HDRV Executions
    HDRV Executions 1 week ago @Alfredo Lorenzo its not jpop btw,, its j-music.. they combine cute and metal, autotune and scream, techno rap and metal core, and many more.. LOL 😂
  • Alfredo Lorenzo
    Alfredo Lorenzo 1 week ago @HDRV Executions yeah. J-music without something weird is not J-music😂
  • andrew naral
    andrew naral 1 week ago they should let Yuri sing this notes. it needs riff and high range and chest voice. it doesnt sound powerful here.
  • Seinacchi Panda
    Seinacchi Panda 1 week ago Can anyone tell me what minute the heyeyeye is?
  • Eveline DaVuck
    Eveline DaVuck 1 week ago @Alfredo Lorenzo ewhhh
  • 성준하
    성준하 1 week ago 그 유니크함이 우리 아이즈원을 망친다고...재능낭비 시벌
  • Chatshirre
    Chatshirre 1 week ago What the hell thats the best part , y’all have zero taste
  • Hepi
    Hepi 1 week ago @Seinacchi Panda I also want to now lol I didn't found anything strange in the song, I really liked it since the first time listening to it
  • WIDZ*ONCE Multifandom
    WIDZ*ONCE Multifandom 1 week ago Sorry in my opinion it'll be weird without "hey yea yea" , so this song is fine. and this is J-Pop tho. What do you expect..
  • 佢佢channel
    佢佢channel 1 week ago i like izone but this...💩
  • XO XO
    XO XO 1 week ago at what second?
  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 2 days ago Cute kaya ng hey yeye part haha.
  • Nines Evanism WIZ*ONE ONE IT
    Nines Evanism WIZ*ONE ONE IT 1 week ago Is just me like this song,i really like this song😄
  • Keigo Da
    Keigo Da 1 week ago Nines Evanism WIZ*ONE ONE IT you’re not alone😄
  • Alvin Kashiwagi 温勇漢
    Alvin Kashiwagi 温勇漢 1 week ago Don't worry you're not alone. Even though some fellow WIZ*ONE hated and did a trashtalk about IZ*ONE Japanese release, the rest like us still have rights in this fandom.
  • Taeyeonni
    Taeyeonni 1 week ago The song is good they just did a bad job mixing.
  • Stan IZ*ONE
    Stan IZ*ONE 1 week ago I actually love it. I've always loved jpop and this has an anime opening feel to it. It sounds weird for people that dont listen to jpop
  • Keigo Da
    Keigo Da 1 week ago Stan IZ*ONE exactly!
  • WIDZ*ONCE Multifandom
    WIDZ*ONCE Multifandom 1 week ago SO TRUE.
  • Nici 00
    Nici 00 1 week ago I would like the Song if the mixing wouldnt be that bad. And i dont listen to jpop
  • Stan IZ*ONE
    Stan IZ*ONE 1 week ago @Nici 00 its just jpop. I've been listening for a really long time and Vampire is full jpop and if u listen to anime openings or ost then it has a familiar feeling and pretty much what makes me like it
  • Nici 00
    Nici 00 1 week ago @Stan IZ*ONE Yeah i know, and i like anime openings, and the Song itself is good, but the quality(mixing and Mastering) is bad
  • D a s i j u n n
    D a s i j u n n 1 week ago You guys are basically saying since it’s jpop it’s badly produced and that makes no since because twice has multiple songs in Japanese and they are all mixed hella good. So what are you talking about
  • Boommer35
    Boommer35 4 days ago Being jpop has no excuse for bad production. Fellow jpop fan
  • Sara Robinson
    Sara Robinson 4 days ago The song itself is pretty nice, the audio absolutely sucks (like what the people said). As another jpop fan, I’m pretty disappointed since everything else is so high quality but the sound of the audio itself in terms of mixing and production is really bad
  • めぇめろ
    めぇめろ 1 week ago 韓国の方の新曲早く発表されないかなぁ
  • Muhammad Aniq
    Muhammad Aniq 1 week ago (edited) Sounds pretty good, but I need to hear it in HQ Imo, it's better than Buenos Aires but still can't beat Suki To Iwasetai... don't quite like that Heyeyeye part but overall it's pretty good and I'm sure the MV will be great too
  • Rizaldi Nugroho
    Rizaldi Nugroho 1 week ago hey yeye part always fails me in any other japanese songs out there XD
  • Yan C
    Yan C 1 week ago ik most pp cant get that part😂
  • Hans - Kopeyy
    Hans - Kopeyy 1 week ago the heyeyeye is weird
  • ongniel_trash
    ongniel_trash 1 week ago The best Japanese song by IZ*ONE to date is Gokigen Sayonana
  • Tommy N
    Tommy N 1 week ago Ikr, but korean fans seem prefer BA
  • 別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ
    別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ 1 week ago They need more Korean songs... not saying the japanese ones are bad, it's just that there are way too many of them...
  • Wizone Always
    Wizone Always 1 week ago YOU SAY IT AS IF YOUR JAPANESE LOL
  • Wizone Always
    Wizone Always 1 week ago @別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ they are a Japanese group as well LMAO. They are supposed to do Japanese comebacks as well. This is only their third one, this means the 3rd Korean one would come out next
  • Wizone Always
    Wizone Always 1 week ago @別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ The focus should be on Japanese and Korean because that's what they're supposed to do as a Japanese gg as well. What don't you get? The Korean tracks aren't "main" just because more westerners and Koreans like it. And it'll always be like this. So far 2 Korean realeases and 3 Japanese, so next is Korean, k?
  • 別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ
    別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ 1 week ago @Wizone Always Ik ik... they should equal. But please it's been 5 months since we don't get a korean comeback.. I say that as a japanese my self, they should take a little break on jpn ones
  • Wizone Always
    Wizone Always 1 week ago @別碰我 ᄒᄉᄒ We don't know. Just let them do what they do gosh. When they have a Korean one you can go and support.
  • 魔法使い市民
    魔法使い市民 1 week ago なんで日本で曲出すとチープなトラックになっちゃうんだろう、もうちょい制作費かけてもいいと思う...
  • fasha02
    fasha02 1 week ago IMHO: Suki to iwasetai was a song that stated iz*one jp release as a j-pop genre song. Buenos Aires was an experimental song that mixed several genre (arabian music, k-pop form with dance break and rap, j-pop idolish style of singing) but not properely produced unfortunately. Vampire back to j-pop idol type of song, with an improvement in backsound (the instrumental string sound lit)
  • さちゃん୨୧
    さちゃん୨୧ 1 week ago もっとダークな感じかと思ってた〜😢
  • Tenken101
    Tenken101 1 week ago Even though Love Bubble is probably the superior "song", I have a feeling that Vampire is gonna be an AMAZING performance piece. It's also strangely kinda addicting lol
  • Edward
    Edward 1 week ago Sounds like akb, whats wrong with you ? The typical choir like singing. People are freaking hating the japanese release. Me included who isnt even korean. Even the japanese themselves hate the songs, but since its IZONE they buy the albums anyway for the goods. They say whats the point of having the typical idol songs for IZONE, obviously the reason they got popolar is not because they sing akb idol songs !
  • Shirley Lu
    Shirley Lu 1 week ago (edited) Tenken101 It is addictive. So far, more people, including chinese fans, prefer this song than their 2nd Japanese album and are relieved that there is no rap here lol.
  • Tenken101
    Tenken101 1 week ago @Edward LOL. More like what's wrong with you?? People have different taste in music. If I say I enjoy a song it that means I actually enjoy it. I don't really give a damn if you or whoever else wants to hate on it just because it's done in AKB style. Thinking that you have superior taste in music to somebody else is pretty pathetic lol. Try getting off your high horse 😉
  • Tenken101
    Tenken101 1 week ago @Shirley Lu yeah. The rap in Buenos Aires was pretttty bad. Like cringe-worthy bad. I think most people would agree haha
  • minmin
    minmin 1 week ago @Tenken101 The song itself wasn't executed well. The producers had good ideas but didn't realize them properly.
  • Tenken101
    Tenken101 1 week ago @minmin I'm still fine with it. Is it a Grade A+ banger? Naw. I reserve that for songs like Ayayaya/Love Bubble that have my heart in the first listen. But Vampire has passed my litmus test of hearing it many times and enjoying myself so that's all that matters. And this is coming from somebody that seriously dislikes AKB style choral singing and prefers kpop style. I trashed Buenos Aires to hell and I thought Suki to Iwasetai was just OK but forgettable. But I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with Vampire. Like I said: Different strokes for different blokes. I'm not gonna magically change my mind just cuz some people dislike it. I'm not a sheep.
  • Weiss Frost
    Weiss Frost 1 week ago @Tenken101 I personally don't hate it. But I find it to be absolutely boring and plain. Nothing interesting is happening. It's literally just choir singing. The verses are alright I guess. But that's about it.
  • Wizone Always
    Wizone Always 1 week ago @Edward LOL!
  • 小川綾佳
    小川綾佳 1 week ago 帰宅中40分くらいずっとループして聴いてたけど、聴けば聴く程好きなパート増えていって、最終的に全部好きになったなぁ(*´﹃`*) 歌だけで耳が幸せなのにTeaser2みたいなビジュアルが合わさるって考えたら...早くMVと実際のパフォーマンスが見たい!! 日本リリース曲って本当に中毒性が高いというか...賛否両論あると思うけどこれはこれでIZ*ONEの魅力が詰まってると思うけどな〜 みんなの声好きだけど、ユジンの声が聴こえる度にニヤニヤしてしまう(/ω\*)
  • コアデーモン
    コアデーモン 1 week ago まあ、IZ*ONEを生かせてるか!といえば生かせてはないかな… 曲調も単純だしね。ここまで音楽トレンドを意識しないのも日本位だし、むしろレア曲ではあるね笑
  • is
    is 1 week ago Am i the only one who doesn't think the hey ye part is strange?? i think it fits the song
  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae 1 week ago I didn't think it was weird too, i thought it was great
  • Haru Renford
    Haru Renford 1 week ago It's classic. Most millenials won't understand.
  • WIDZ*ONCE Multifandom
    WIDZ*ONCE Multifandom 1 week ago J-Pop are contemporary unique. When brats expecting over the top song material.
  • Yan C
    Yan C 1 week ago This was good. very catchy but still cant beat suki to iwasetai😂 I didn't know Suki to Iwasetai was the best when it first came out. and BA sucks made it even more good🤣
  • Alfredo Lorenzo
    Alfredo Lorenzo 1 week ago Suki to really set the bar too high for izone JP singles XD
  • Yan C
    Yan C 1 week ago Alfredo Lorenzo Not a single downside in sukito😂
  • Vermelho 20
    Vermelho 20 1 week ago Ikr😂😌
  • Muhammad Aniq
    Muhammad Aniq 1 week ago That's why I like their Korean songs more, that doesn't mean their Japanese songs sucks but their Korean released was better
  • Muhammad Aniq
    Muhammad Aniq 1 week ago But You're In Love, Right? from Produce 48 was still the best song that Aki-p produced, STI was close but not enough to beat You're In Love Right
  • Yan C
    Yan C 1 week ago Muhammad Aniq I've seen so many pp saying shits to jp singles😶its not bad (except BA's deadly raping I don't want pp get an image like "oh jpop was just..."while these could be better. still hope there's one jp single can beat kr one🤔
  • Yan C
    Yan C 1 week ago Muhammad Aniq yeah that one can even beat kr songs. its not they cant, they can but they don't😶
  • Nelly Dahn
    Nelly Dahn 1 week ago Suki Iwasetai remains untouchable
  • Vermelho 20
    Vermelho 20 1 week ago (edited) Maybe bcause there we in a rush on making a Japanese comeback like BA n some of the songs in that album that sounded a bit messy..
  • Edward
    Edward 1 week ago @Vermelho 20 They are TERRIBLE not messy. You could have bought songs ! Like twice did with Breakthrough. Any decently sounding songs would be freaking fine with me. Bueno Aires, just whoever composed it I am worried about his/her career. Vampire again, same shit. I bet the koreans are swearing at aks right now for buying such songs. Love bubble is amazingly good on the other hand. Look at the mv produced/handed by korean is on a whole different level.
  • Vermelho 20
    Vermelho 20 1 week ago (edited) @Edward hmm true, it's kinda sad for their Japanese comebacks and I was always hoping for songs like You're in love aren't you?, Suki to wasetai n Gokigen Sayonara.. 😭But still Vampire just needs to be fix a bit.. Or a lot tbh
  • Shirley Lu
    Shirley Lu 1 week ago (edited) After going through Buneo's era, Suki to Iwasetai has become a classic for me.
  • Thomas Wu
    Thomas Wu 1 week ago (edited) Yan C totally agree. This song isn't great bu better than Buneo. Buneo Aires was bad, it was messy and the song sound like it was produced in a rush.
  • K. Gabriel
    K. Gabriel 1 week ago But this Vampire song have a lot of potencial of the choreo is well maded
  • rujula
    rujula 1 week ago @Edward no not breakthrough i dont like that
  • Weiss Frost
    Weiss Frost 1 week ago @Yan C I'm not saying jpop is bad. I'm aware of the diversity of jpop, I love many of their jazzy song. But the japanese producers of izone? They're literally just lazy.
  • Riadhita Zweitegottin
    Riadhita Zweitegottin 1 week ago @Weiss Frost do you know that IZ*ONE J-Pop also so much hype in JP? It's because u like Jazzy genre doesnt mean other genre are bad and deserve "lazy" title.
  • FromGroundUp1
    FromGroundUp1 1 week ago the piano and strings in the background totally reminds me of castlevania. Overall a pretty good jpop song to me.
  • DeerWon
    DeerWon 1 week ago Omg a castlevania fans here!
  • Chatshirre
    Chatshirre 1 week ago Castlevania stans where y’all at ?
  • ayachan
    ayachan 1 week ago (edited) コメントを見ると万人受けしてなくて残念 曲自体はループすると凄く良い曲 歌詞も味があって良いと思うが 海外の方は訳せてないのもあって反応がイマイチなのかな
  • Weiss Frost
    Weiss Frost 1 week ago 外国のファンがこの曲を嫌うのは、私たちにとって退屈そうだからです 日本語を翻訳して歌詞を理解できますが、私たちにとって音楽はビジュアルや歌詞よりも重要です
  • ayachan
    ayachan 1 week ago Weiss Frost 人それぞれ価値観がありますもんね。
  • ナル
    ナル 1 week ago 秋元の代わりに謝っときます
  • 히토미토미
    히토미토미 1 week ago ナル ありがとうございます😊 次回からは秋元以外がいいかなぁ… ま、この曲もこの曲でかわいいんだけどね 押しが歌ってたら全部好きになっちゃうじゃない🥺🥺
  • 白の姫
    白の姫 1 week ago (edited) I like the song specially the bridge, and i can tell clearly who sing and when during solos, i love it.