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Weakened Friends - What You Like (Official Audio)

Published on Sep 9, 2019 1,743 views










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All Songs Written by: Sonia Sturino
Arranged by: Sonia Sturino, Annie Hoffman, and Adam Hand
Produced by: Annie Hoffman
Engineered by: Annie Hoffman and Adam Hand at Zippah Recording
Mixed and Mastered by: Brian Charles at Zippah Recording

Performances by:
Sonia Sturino - Vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Annie Hoffman - Bass, Piano, Hammond, Backing Vocals
Adam Hand - Drums, Percussion

Album Artwork by: KC Roberge


  • John Scibelli
    John Scibelli 1 week ago Weakened Friends can't put out a bad song
  • svaclapp
    svaclapp 1 week ago Love this band <3 Great song!
  • miked4309
    miked4309 1 week ago great track! cant wait for tour.
  • Look Woolly Films
    Look Woolly Films 1 week ago Well.... this is ace. You're welcome ears
  • Jared Egan
    Jared Egan 1 week ago Killer 🙌🏻
  • Alexander Bertallo
    Alexander Bertallo 1 week ago Pretty sweet...
  • Dmilson Cardoso
    Dmilson Cardoso 1 week ago amei,façam logo o videoclip?
  • Filippo Redaelli
    Filippo Redaelli 1 week ago love your music
  • never was
    never was 1 week ago what a pleasant surprise
  • KidAJoe - The function of music...
    KidAJoe - The function of music... 1 week ago Holy shit! Does this mean a new album is coming?
  • Jeff Carter Gilson
    Jeff Carter Gilson 1 week ago I think they said they're aiming at later in the fall, but they've been recording in-between constant touring. (Europe, check them out!)
  • Look Woolly Films
    Look Woolly Films 1 week ago Thanks thumbs
  • TheSportsLeader
    TheSportsLeader 1 week ago Sorry but I'm afraid it's really disappointing... there's no UK shows this tour! Can't wait for the album after this.
  • miked4309
    miked4309 1 week ago go to france...thats not that far for a road trip to see them : P
  • TheSportsLeader
    TheSportsLeader 1 week ago @miked4309 wish I could man - no car or passport, I missed the last tour then got super into them. Btw I see your comments everywhere - you've got good taste. Any recommendations?
  • miked4309
    miked4309 1 week ago @TheSportsLeader oh my god!!! millions. UK i love Doe, False Advertising, Wolf Alice, Milk Teeth. i like Leggy, Dude York, Mannequin Pussy, Charly Bliss, Summer Cannibals, Bad Bad Hats, Mike Krol, the Beths, Giant Drag, could also click on my profile and i have playlists...i also have a bandcamp account. i think you could find me by searching miked. start with prolly know some of them already and thanks for the compliment.
  • slam198403
    slam198403 1 week ago nice!
  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis 1 week ago cool