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SivaKarthikeyan and Wife Aarthi's Romantic Moment | Namma Veettu Pillai Audio Launch

Published on Sep 9, 2019 1,927,835 views










Watch romance tingle between Sivakarthikeyan and his wife at the grand Audio Launch of #NammaVeettuPillai


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  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 1 week ago Aarthi u soooo simple . Cute n sweet . Love u Anni 🤗🤗🤗
  • Shrine Princy
    Shrine Princy 1 week ago Hmm soo cute dr😍💖💖
  • edil jeniferraj
    edil jeniferraj 1 week ago ivan periya vilambaram da
  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 1 week ago @Shrine Princy bby 😘 I'm confuse . Can't decide that I'm happy or sad . Updates r raining n exam starting from 16 😭😭 so many assignment have to write n too much have to read . Already my 10 mark of absence will be cut bcoz didn't attend any lecture 😭 so I want to move to study but can't ...... 🤷🤷😭 😂😂😂 Then do u know what I will do , will Wake up at 3 o'clock on paper date 🤧🤧
  • Shrine Princy
    Shrine Princy 1 week ago (edited) @Aarthi _ SK 1702 If I am ur coll friend or neighbour frnd means I can helps uu for all ur assignments bby, 🙋🤗🤗😍but fact is I am ur true youtube frnd if I close too uu means I always be with uu and helps uu not only in homeworks but also in all things in ur life, don' t take more stress dr first concentrate fully on ur studies, after ur completes that take some rest bby, Lovee uu a lot I pray for ur studies 💁✊✊
  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 1 week ago @Shrine Princy thank u Sooo much for ur words . Touched heart❤️❤️ love u yarrrr 💋💋😘😘😘
  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 1 week ago @Shrine Princy btw dr today (11th September) is very special day for me 😇😇💃💃💃 guess yyyy 😊🙊🙊
  • Shrine Princy
    Shrine Princy 1 week ago @Aarthi _ SK 1702 😃Any ones HBD in ur family 👪 or Sk brothers lyrics video song releasing today know that yy 🤔🤔😄❤
  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 1 week ago @Shrine Princy no no no . All wrong🙅‍♀️ 😂😂😉😉😉 ok I will tell after some hours. ⏱️ 😄🤷
  • Motivational Rays
    Motivational Rays 4 days ago Pls tell that kannadipolae song from which movie
  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 3 days ago @Motivational Rays which ????
  • Mounika Mounika.k
    Mounika Mounika.k 1 week ago adha promo la 10 vaati poduvinga 😁😁😁 sema SK anna ❤💕 cute couple 😍 😍
  • Kiruthika ganesh
    Kiruthika ganesh 1 week ago Aarthi anni romba cute aa pesuranga love u lot anni
  • Nivetha G
    Nivetha G 13 hours ago Kiruthika ganes. MN.. m..
  • Nikki Sharma Nikitha
    Nikki Sharma Nikitha 1 week ago SK - Aarthi Cute Couple ❤️❤️❤️
  • Shady Stan
    Shady Stan 1 week ago 😂 lol really?
  • RX johnny
    RX johnny 1 week ago 🥰
  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes 1 week ago Hii Nicky😍😍
  • Ilham Imran
    Ilham Imran 3 days ago Wow nice
  • pranav sreram
    pranav sreram 1 week ago Enna bro takunu Sun TV ah kalaichiteenga.......thalaivar ku evlo dhill paathiya.....😂😂😂
  • Venkat K
    Venkat K 1 week ago Adhum owner munnadiyae
  • Abinath Abinath
    Abinath Abinath 1 week ago Super
  • mangai Mng
    mangai Mng 1 week ago Suntv mattum kalaikala namma thalaivaru vignesh shivan yeeee kalaichanga samaya😊eye fix pannpothu
  • Sharan Saran
    Sharan Saran 1 week ago Semma kalaaii🤣🤣🤣
  • sowndharya J
    sowndharya J 1 week ago 😂😂
  • MosambiFM
    MosambiFM 1 week ago (edited) Repeat mode a husband as a father as a son as a lovely brother ... you are the best ..SK
  • Aarthi _ SK 1702
    Aarthi _ SK 1702 1 week ago And our all lovely brother 🤗❤️
  • MosambiFM
    MosambiFM 1 week ago @Aarthi _ SK 1702 right :)
  • Syed Ruksana
    Syed Ruksana 1 week ago She is like keerthi suresh
  • alan gunalan
    alan gunalan 1 week ago Sappu
  • Sk79
    Sk79 1 week ago SK nalla paiyan nalla thambi nalla husband nalla marumagan nalla appa nalla Annan nalla thalaivan totally nalla manithan proud to be SK fan
  • Sangi Raj
    Sangi Raj 1 week ago I am big fan of SK only
  • ganesan p
    ganesan p 1 week ago என்னடா பொசுக்குனு தலைவன்லா சொல்றீங்க, நல்ல மனுசன் அதோட போதும்., இப்படி உசுப்பேத்தி உசுப்பேத்தி வளத்து விடுறேன்ற பேர்ல ஆள கவுத்துபுடாதீங்கடா
  • Sathish Journalist
    Sathish Journalist 1 week ago 0:46 Anni Smile 😍😍😍
  • nivetha sekar
    nivetha sekar 1 week ago Neenga atha promo la pathu vaati podanum😂😂😂😘😘😘
  • Gautam 2.0
    Gautam 2.0 1 week ago (edited) வெட்கமே வெட்க படும் , அதனை தமிழ் அழகு.. இதில்.. Padatha vida , ithula rmba touching ah iruku... Sema love sk anna..
  • Mathi Mathi
    Mathi Mathi 1 week ago Cute couple love u Anna &Anni 💞💖💕💕❤️👌😘
  • arun mozhi
    arun mozhi 1 week ago Aiyayo...sorry madam 😂🤣❤ 2:47
  • Gowtham bala
    Gowtham bala 1 week ago Who is she whom sk asked sorry
  • arun mozhi
    arun mozhi 1 week ago @Gowtham bala she's Kavya Sun network Kalanithi Maran's daughter
  • vinod vedamurthy
    vinod vedamurthy 2 days ago @Gowtham bala suntv owner maran daughter kaavya
  • Nithila Krishna
    Nithila Krishna 1 week ago Best son Awesome brother Perfect husband Fantastic farther... Single sk....
  • Harinithiya Harinithiya
    Harinithiya Harinithiya 1 week ago Cuteness overloaded💕💕😘😘😘😘💚💙😍😍😍😍😍💚💙💚💙
  • Adhil Abu Vfc
    Adhil Abu Vfc 1 week ago Kerala sk fans like👍
  • Nikitha Rajan
    Nikitha Rajan 1 week ago Cute sk
  • Gokul Krishna
    Gokul Krishna 1 week ago Njan unde machaa
  • Adhi Dalu
    Adhi Dalu 1 week ago Cute couples ...respect is so important in relationship .... They proved that...keep rocking
  • Godwin God
    Godwin God 1 week ago Success behind Rising Star Sk..❤❤
  • Sneha Ravi
    Sneha Ravi 1 week ago Super sivakarthikeyan arthi keep rocking and smiling always both are looking so cute couple 😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏✌✌
  • Thangu Thangu
    Thangu Thangu 15 hours ago Siva Anna 💞💞💞💞aarthi Anni very nice couple Aarthi Anni very simple and very beauty
  • Padma K
    Padma K 1 week ago Entha video pakurapa face full la happy and smile than 😍,, that's SK bro. .